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Ms. Leila Keith can enhance any event with her vocal musical ambiance. Be it a classic corporate function, nuptials at the church or after at the reception, or even a romantic dinner for two in an upscale restaurant, live vocal music can make any event a memorable one. From Classical to a more relaxed environment, to a entertaining moment, Ms. Keith can cater a program that is suited to any upscale occasion. She would be more than happy to enhance your event with her talents.

Opera and Musical types of performance offered:
  • Soloist performance
  • Solo Concert (1hour)
  • Special Occasion at a restaurant venue(1hour)
  • In Character solo performance(1hour)
  • Vocalist for your Wedding Church and Wedding Reception
  • Vocalist for your Special Event
  • Opera/Vocal entertainment for corporate event
  • Vocal performance for private or fund raising events
  • Vocal music for film production and video

Are you thinking of having a vocalist and classical music at your wedding? Vocal Music will create a romantic ambiance for your wedding. Choose music either for your wedding ceremony, your wedding reception, or both! Please contact Ms. Keith to arrange for a free consultation.

Ms. Keith is available for local, national and
international bookings.