Ms. Leila Keith can enhance any event with her vocal musical ambiance. Be it a classic corporate function, nuptials at the church or after at the reception, or even a romantic dinner for two in an upscale restaurant, live vocal music can make any event a memorable one.

Voice Lessons

"Singing is an art that is best taught by those who can do it themselves". Leila has been teaching privately for over 20 years. She has the expertise and experience to bring out that hidden voice in her students using technique, patience, stage presence and a resolve to produce voices that will grow as musical experience is gained.

Music Therapy

Ms. Keith has been helping seniors with Dementia  for over ten years. In that time she has helped many seniors find stimulation and connection as she sings with them and to them on a one on one basis.

  Stage & Screen

Ms. Keith is available for classical or other vocal work to sing/speak for your film, stage or screen production.